Hi friends, i am Abhisek Majumdar. I am a physicist, not in the higher level but i think the triumph has started a long time ago. Currently i am pursuing my M.Sc course. I really love Physics, the way Physics explain the science, the way it helps us to move forward, the way it helps us to understand the principle and the laws of nature. And i hope one day i will contribute something may be a little fraction to the Physics. That is what i think about Physics.

                By the  way dont think that i am a boring fellow because i have seen people always think that who talk about Physics are generally  boring. I am a normal guy like you with 5.6″ height, 57 kg weight, black hair, indian accent. I love to travel, to see the unseen, to explore all around. Recently i have visited Mysore to attend the Indian Science Congress ISC-103. Besides i love to watch movies, videos in youtube, to surf the social networking sites. Besides i love to play outdoor games like cricket, football…

I am a new to the blog and i hope you would like my posts. So keep in touch guys.